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New Employee Lives Bonus Check
250 $7,500
500 $15,000
750 $22,500
1,000 $30,000
2,000 $60,000
3,000 $90,000
4,000 $120,000
5,000 $150,000
6,000 $180,000
7,000 $210,000
8,000 $240,000
9,000 $270,000
10,000 $300,000

The Bonus Program Runs December 1 - 31, 2023

and is applicable to Small Group Quotes (5-100) members. Cannot be combined with any other bonus program.

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"The HIT Broker Bonus Program exceeded our expectations. It's not just about the financial rewards; it's about the growth and empowerment it brings."
Michael Stephens, RHU, CBC, SGS
Senior Executive Sales Consultant


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"The HIT Broker Bonus Program fueled our success and the success of our agents to serve our clients better. If you're serious about your career, don't miss this opportunity."
Micah Livanos
Vice President, Sales

MarCon Benefits Group LLC

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