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Health In Tech Partners with ClaimsBridge For Network Management Services

The collaboration will provide self-funded clients with unparalleled access to providers and discounts that are unique in the industry. STUART, Fla., May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Health In Tech, an industry-leading insurtech […]

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Health In Tech Revolutionizes Level-Funded Health Plans in Ohio through Partnership with Ohio PPO Connect

STUART, Fla., May 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Health in Tech, the industry-leading insurtech company that delivers disruptive innovation and reimagines self-funded health plans, proudly announces its accelerated implementation with Ohio PPO Connect, LLC. […]

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Health In Tech to Feature Cutting-Edge Benefits Solutions at the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals (NABIP)-TX 2023 Conference as a Corporate Sponsor

Be sure to stop by booth #60 to learn more about Health In Tech’s suite of offerings for individuals searching for more cost stability and clarity – particularly those facing […]

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Stone Mountain Risk

Power On Your Clients Health Plan

Our Stone Mountain Risk stop-loss solutions provide unique products and creative risk modeling to solve your clients’ problems with the best technology and tools available in the industry.

Reference-Based Pricing
Group Stop-Loss Captives
Community Health Plans
Association Health Programs

Power On Efficiency

We get it—time is money. The industry norm of waiting days or weeks for proposals and quotes has become the accepted standard. The opportunity cost of this waiting game leaves hinders growth. Not anymore. Get your time back with Do It Yourself Benefit Systems (eDIYBS) by Health in Tech.

eDIYBS empowers brokers with tools and technology to produce competitive proposals in only 2 minutes and process necessary health applications for final rates in 24 hours.

Power On Efficiency

With so many competing services, plans, and third parties, the process of paying for care has become slow, confusing, and costly.


Patients struggle to afford services understand their coverage.


Providers wait weeks or months for payment.


Payers must sift through claims filled with inaccuracies, overcharges, and even fraud.

Put trust back into the healthcare process with HI Card by Health in Tech. HI Card transforms the healthcare landscape by providing a single, standardized transaction platform for providers, payers, and patients alike.


Power On Savings

Health in Tech’s HI-Performance Network (HPN) powered by HI Card, is a series of hospital facilities and providers that delivers Medicare-based reimbursement pricing.

Greater predictability for health plan management

Greater savings

Lower deductibles and in some cases no deductible for members

Reduced medical inflation impact

Lower out-of-pocket costs for members

Long-term savings on premiums


Get Started Today and Learn More About What Health In Tech Can Do For You.

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