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The Heart of Health In Tech

Our healthcare system is a $4.3 trillion dollar industry—but many small and self-funded businesses are excluded from it because of poor transparency and unnecessary complexities.

We turn today’s healthcare market challenges for small businesses into innovative solutions.

Health In Tech believes that positively disrupting the insurance industry begins with digitized innovation, making modernized claims administration, quality risk management, and cost-saving provider networks accessible to smaller, self-funded groups. And for the last 30 years, our values have been at the foundation of HIT’s solutions: Innovation, Disruption, Empowerment, and Transparency.


How We HIT the Mark

Our values center around pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in insurance. Health In Tech is dedicated to creating more efficient and innovative solutions that improve individuals’ lives, businesses’ success, and the health insurance industry at large.

eDIYBS - Do It Yourself Benefit Systems

We believe members and businesses need personalized care and coverage faster than ever before. At the heart of our innovation is eDIYBS (the Enhanced Do-It-Yourself Benefit Systems), our revolutionary SaaS underwriting platform that can quote a dozen plans in just two minutes. eDIYBS reinvents how our clients craft quotes with customizable underwriting guidelines and intelligently unmatched efficiency and precision.


We believe understanding and paying for healthcare should be accessible and user-friendly—not complex and slow. That’s why we’re disrupting the traditional healthcare payment process with HI Card, our state-of-the-art benefits platform. This user-friendly app allows users to seamlessly access their healthcare benefits, view transactions, and receive real-time notifications. HI Card leaves complicated and confusing benefits navigation in the past.

Stone Mountain Risk

We believe businesses need quality resources to become active health coverage and risk management leaders. Our technology-driven solution, Stone Mountain Risk, cuts through the complexity and proactively handles risk. Stone Mountain Risk’s solutions empower businesses with industry-leading risk assessment tools, predictive modeling, and critical data analytics.

We believe the health marketplace should be a level playing field, with business and individual health choices driven by accurate information. That’s why our tech-driven HI Performance Network connects providers, payers, and patients with data-sharing, ensuring healthcare information efficiently and accurately reaches key stakeholders.

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Say “HI” to Health In Tech

Who is Health In Tech? We’re a team of active and passionate innovators and leaders in the health insurance industry.

Our Executive Leadership

Meet our team of innovators and leaders behind Health In Tech.


Meet Tim Johnson


With 30+ years of experience in the corporate and startup side of medical stop-loss insurance and healthcare, Tim is an established industry pioneer and visionary leader with a proven entrepreneurial track record.


Meet Julia Qian


Julia brings cutting-edge strategy and leadership from her 20+ years of experience across Global Financial Services, capital markets, and Fortune 100 companies. As an unparalleled leader in her field, Julia has shaped the financial services landscape with her forward-thinking expertise.


Meet Glenn Hillyer


Glenn brings over 25 years of experience in the Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and stop-loss insurance industries, during which he’s worked with some of the largest TPAs and PPO networks. His deep insurance knowledge has been key in shaping the industry.


Meet Del Lockett


Del brings 20+ years of experience and an intricate understanding of TPAs, Managing General Agencies, and Captive Health Insurance. His comprehensive leadership and strategies always steer businesses toward successful outcomes for clients.


Meet Russ Huguley


Russ brings over 20 years in IT management, production, and technical product development. His strong knowledge and leadership have been invaluable in supporting and integrating clients with Health In Tech’s solutions.


Meet Lori Babcock

Chief of Staff

Lori is a seasoned Chief of Staff, serving as a high-visibility strategic partner in effective decision-making, project management, and execution of strategic initiatives across all Health In Tech portfolios.

Health In Tech in the Industry

Health In Tech is changing the health insurance industry through innovative products, strong partnerships, and active participation in leading industry associations and events.

NABIP - Shaping the future of healthcare
Self-Insurance Institute of America
Insuretech Connect
Stone Mountain Risk

Power On Your Clients Health Plan

Our Stone Mountain Risk stop-loss solutions provide unique products and creative risk modeling to solve your clients’ problems with the best technology and tools available in the industry.

Reference-Based Pricing
Group Stop-Loss Captives
Community Health Plans
Association Health Programs

Power On Efficiency

We get it—time is money. The industry norm of waiting days or weeks for proposals and quotes has become the accepted standard. The opportunity cost of this waiting game leaves hinders growth. Not anymore. Get your time back with Do It Yourself Benefit Systems (eDIYBS) by Health in Tech.

eDIYBS empowers brokers with tools and technology to produce competitive proposals in only 2 minutes and process necessary health applications for final rates in 24 hours.

Power On Efficiency

With so many competing services, plans, and third parties, the process of paying for care has become slow, confusing, and costly.


Patients struggle to afford services understand their coverage.


Providers wait weeks or months for payment.


Payers must sift through claims filled with inaccuracies, overcharges, and even fraud.

Put trust back into the healthcare process with HI Card by Health in Tech. HI Card transforms the healthcare landscape by providing a single, standardized transaction platform for providers, payers, and patients alike.


Power On Savings

Health in Tech’s HI-Performance Network (HPN) powered by HI Card, is a series of hospital facilities and providers that delivers Medicare-based reimbursement pricing.

Greater predictability for health plan management

Greater savings

Lower deductibles and in some cases no deductible for members

Reduced medical inflation impact

Lower out-of-pocket costs for members

Long-term savings on premiums