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to quote and bind small and medium-sized groups. Discover faster, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.


Power On Your Health Plan

Grow your business by streamlining your risk with self-funding, and underwriting processes to make it faster, simpler and more efficient.

With Health In Tech's industry-leading and proprietary insurtech solutions, you'll enjoy a quicker, more profitable way of doing business.

Disrupt the Traditional Process

Discover A-Z solutions with access to actionable data and tools to do your job more accurately and efficiently.


Disrupt the Wait:

12 Plans. 4 Tier Rates. 2 Minutes.

  • Produce a firm, bindable proposal that has 12 plans with 4 tier rates in only 2 minutes!
  • Design your own health plans and use them in seconds.
  • Quote within a TPA's own system.
Group 124

Disrupt the Dishonesty:

100% Rate and Data Transparency

  • Your proposal rate is your final rate. There are no hidden fees, just transparency for you and your clients.
  • 24/7 access to data to help you do your job better, removing the wait to access the provided data.
  • Access to many direct hospital contracts at low medicare reimbursement pricing.

Disrupt the Delay:

Health Applications in 24 Hours

  • To finalize your proposal rate, we process health applications within 24 hours.
  • If applications are needed, it’s usually only 5% of the population, not 100%.
Group 208

Disrupt the Disconnection:

Interoperability for Efficiency

  • Full connectivity between brokers and TPAs enables for more efficient, faster implementation times.



Quote Your Group in as Few as Two Minutes!

Health In Tech Delivers

Group 92

The only online, fully autonomous self-funded quoting platform available for brokers, MGUs, TPAs, and more!

Group 209

Proprietary digital platforms built with machine learning and active portals for all participants to easily create complete interoperability and experience rapidly scalable growth.

Group 95

An exclusive marketplace where brokers, MGUs, and carriers can obtain bindable quotes within minutes for small and medium sized employers.


Claims data from our approved TPAs and securely share with every member in our program.

Who We Serve

Fully Customized Self-Funded Health Plans




Quick Quoting


Shared Savings


National Direct
Hospital Contracts


Comprehensive Ancillary Products

Get started and learn more about our reimagined approach to self-funding.

Power On Innovation

Health In Tech has a proven record of innovation with unique solutions and services that create increased growth opportunities.


Creative Stop-Loss Solutions


Standardized Healthcare
Transaction Platform


Advanced Underwriting Platform


Direct Medicare-Based
Reimbursement Pricing

Success Stories

“We’re an innovation forward TPA looking for a self-funded solution from a company that matched our desire to make things simple for brokers. Health In Tech not only delivered the solution but helped us evolve our service beyond our clients expectations. We’ll be a client for life.”

– Sterling Worrall, Relationship Manager, Blackhawk Claims Service

“We have been working with Health In Tech for over a year now. We have been impressed with the ability to run our own quotes and have near instant results. When we have an underwriting or other issues, our rep is quick to help get any problem solved. The plan offering is terrific and just what our clients are looking for when it comes to variety and coverage. We are well positioned to win new deals and keep our current deals because of our partnership with Health In Tech.”
– Mark Abare, leadr

“I have worked with Health In Tech for a number of years and have found their underwriting, inclination to innovate, product stack, and health plan partners to be superb. Their sophistication is always distilled into an easy-to-use and understand product. Simplicity sells, and Health In Tech is a health plan engine that I rely upon, regularly, to help me excel in the market!”
– Niko Caparisos, Prosperity Benefits

“Health In Tech are committed partners, we enjoy the work we do with them! They are the best at understanding and pricing cost containment solutions.”
– Michael Patton, CEO, Palomar Consultants

Stone Mountain Risk

Power On Your Clients Health Plan

Our Stone Mountain Risk stop-loss solutions provide unique products and creative risk modeling to solve your clients’ problems with the best technology and tools available in the industry.

Reference-Based Pricing
Group Stop-Loss Captives
Community Health Plans
Association Health Programs

Power On Efficiency

We get it—time is money. The industry norm of waiting days or weeks for proposals and quotes has become the accepted standard. The opportunity cost of this waiting game leaves hinders growth. Not anymore. Get your time back with Do It Yourself Benefit Systems (eDIYBS) by Health in Tech.

eDIYBS empowers brokers with tools and technology to produce competitive proposals in only 2 minutes and process necessary health applications for final rates in 24 hours.

Power On Efficiency

With so many competing services, plans, and third parties, the process of paying for care has become slow, confusing, and costly.


Patients struggle to afford services understand their coverage.


Providers wait weeks or months for payment.


Payers must sift through claims filled with inaccuracies, overcharges, and even fraud.

Put trust back into the healthcare process with HI Card by Health in Tech. HI Card transforms the healthcare landscape by providing a single, standardized transaction platform for providers, payers, and patients alike.


Power On Savings

Health in Tech’s HI-Performance Network (HPN) powered by HI Card, is a series of hospital facilities and providers that delivers Medicare-based reimbursement pricing.

Greater predictability for health plan management

Greater savings

Lower deductibles and in some cases no deductible for members

Reduced medical inflation impact

Lower out-of-pocket costs for members

Long-term savings on premiums

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