What if you could underwrite hundreds of groups a day instead of only a couple?

It’s simple—just Power On with eDIYBS.

We get it—time is money. The industry norm of waiting days or weeks for proposals and quotes has become the accepted standard. The opportunity cost of this waiting game hinders growth. Not anymore. Get your time back with the Enhanced Do It Yourself Benefit Systems (eDIYBS) by Health In Tech, now with streamlined quoting and signing support by DocuSign.

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Produce a FIRM proposal that has 12 plans with 4 tier rates in only 2 minutes!


Our Solution—Your Program

eDIYBS empowers our clients with full autonomy to design and create their own underwriting strategies quickly and efficiently.

Quoting, binding, and administrating small-group level-funded health plans have never been so intuitive and streamlined.

Develop and grow your own small and medium-sized group business opportunities with Health In Tech and our proprietary SaaS eDIYBS underwriting platform. eDIYBS allows you to medically underwrite any group within minutes, giving you the power manage everything it takes to generate bindable proposals—including accuracy review, group documents, and direct uploading features by DocuSign.

You Set

the Plan Return Options.

You Select

the Network.

You Develop

the Plan Designs You Want.

A Comprehensive Approach to Healthcare


Our ancillary products of Critical Illness, Accident, Dental, Vision, Term Life, and GAP coverage offer your clients more robust coverage options for their healthcare needs. These products can be easily integrated into their plan through eDIYBS with just one extra step.

Provide peace of mind with our Critical Illness and Cancer Voluntary Coverage ensures members receive benefits after being diagnosed with a serious illness.


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Protect against high costs with Health In Tech’s Accident Indemnity Plus Coverage provides individuals and their families with additional financial assistance to offset medical costs.


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Experience unrestricted care with our Dental Coverage allows members to easily receive the dental care they need without having to navigate the complex lists of covered and non-covered services.


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Explore flexible options with Health In Tech’s Vision Coverage allows members to visit any vision provider without worrying about the cost of exams, refraction, frames, lenses, and contacts.


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Provide affordability, flexibility, and simplicity with Health In Tech's Term Life Coverage. This option is ideal for those seeking coverage during specific life stages, like raising children or paying off a mortgage.

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Discover complete Coverage with our GAP Coverage seamlessly integrates into a member’s existing medical plans and fills the gaps their primary plan might have so they can get the care they need.


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Provide Your Clients Holistic Coverage Options with Our Ancillary Products

Not All Time is Created Equal

Quote in Just Two Minutes – How It Works:


1. Add Basic Information

To get started, add basic eligibility data such as name, date of birth, gender, and zip code.


2. Review the Risk Score

After the census data is uploaded, our system applies a risk score to each member by reviewing their medical data.


3. Complete Health Application

If a member’s risk score is flagged as being too high, they will be required to complete a simple health application. Once we receive their health application, our team of underwriters quickly and efficiently processes it.


4. Select Additional Products

You can easily add our ancillary products with one extra step to provide your clients with a more holistic plan.


5. Personalize Your Proposal

Add your name and contact information to your proposal for a more personalized approach and send it to your clients.


6. Confirm Plan Selections

Once your client picks any 2 plan options and ancillary products that best fit their employees, you can quickly confirm their selections through eDIYBS.


7. DocuSign

Streamline the required signature documentation process with our DocuSign implementation.


8. Enroll & Implement Selected Plans

After you’ve received your client's signed forms, move the application down the workflow for an efficient implementation.

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