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    How Can TPAs Help Self-Funded Health Plans?

    As we discussed before, self-funded health plans are rapidly growing in popularity, especially with employers seeking more control and flexibility over their healthcare expenses. This rise in popularity begs the question, how can TPAs help self-funded health plans? Third-party administrators are essential in managing these plans and offering their expertise. Keep reading to learn more […]
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    Self-Funding 101

    When it comes to the healthcare industry, self-funded plans are emerging as a beacon of hope for employers seeking cost savings and enhanced control over their benefits. At Health In Tech, we stand at the forefront of the revolution, leveraging cutting-edge technology to reimagine how self-funded healthcare is designed, implemented, and managed. We’ve compiled a […]

    Why Ancillary Means Necessary in Health Benefits

    How offering ancillary coverage can impact client success—with Health In Tech. In today’s competitive job market, businesses are faced with the growing question of what current and prospective employees value in a company. While salary and company culture often lead the conversation, employee benefits have become an increasingly important factor in successful recruitment and retention. […]
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    What is Voluntary Accident Insurance?

    In the rapidly evolving healthcare and tech industries, ensuring adequate protection against the unexpected becomes critical. Among the various insurance options available, you might be asking yourself, ‘What is voluntary accident insurance?’ This insurance is essential yet often overlooked. Here, we will break down voluntary accident insurance, highlight its significance, explain how it works, provide […]

    GAP Waiver vs. GAP Insurance: Explained

    In health insurance, understanding the nuances of your coverage options can make a significant difference, especially when considering unexpected costs. Two terms that often cause confusion are GAP wavier vs GAP insurance. Although they may sound similar, they serve different purposes and can have a significant impact when it comes to your financial planning. The […]

    Looking to Cut Health Plan Costs? It Takes a Network.

    How employers can cut health plan costs and meet employee needs without compromise. The Price Tag Problem Where does your healthcare budget stand in 2024? For many employers and their health plans, the year ahead is clouded with unique financial challenges and rising costs—a storm that’s been building since 2020. Currently, health costs are forecasted […]

    The Importance of Selling Dental Insurance

    In addition to keeping people’s mouths healthy and averting expensive dental issues, dental insurance also increases people’s sense of wellbeing and self-worth. Therefore, selling dental insurance as a broker or third-party administrator (TPA) can be a profitable and satisfying endeavor for you. The following are some benefits of selling dental insurance: Increasing Need As more […]

    What is Term Life Insurance

    Health insurance is crucial for the well-being of individuals and families. Health insurance professionals play a pivotal role in guiding clients to the proper coverage. Providing comprehensive solutions and various options beyond traditional insurance plans is essential. One option that deserves attention is term life insurance. Keep reading to learn more about what it is […]

    How to Sell Dental Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

    Dental insurance is a critical component of the insurance industry. It’s essential to help clients protect their oral health while ensuring financial peace of mind. This comprehensive guide will delve into how to sell dental insurance, the benefits of self-funded health plans, and how Health In Tech can streamline your dental insurance selling process while […]

    Diversifying Your Offerings: Exploring Supplemental Insurance Options for Clients

    Medical costs have risen drastically over the past few years. As a result, employees realize that their employer-sponsored health plans are not enough, forcing their employers to look at the gaps in their health coverage. That’s where supplemental health insurance comes in. While health insurance covers the costs of surgeries, urgent care, preventative care, and […]

    Adapting to Change: Navigating Regulatory Updates and Compliance Standards in 2024

    Streamlining health insurance regulatory compliance is crucial for all health insurance brokers. The industry is highly regulated, and regulators continuously release regulatory updates to protect consumers. Furthermore, the different rules for different jurisdictions make the job even harder. In 2024, health insurance brokers have to plan for and have a quick response to regulatory changes. […]

    Key Deadlines Every Health Insurance Broker Should Know in 2024

    Health In Tech would like to remind all brokers of these key deadlines for the upcoming year. 2024 is a year of changes, and brokers need to be prepared. The most significant issue is that Medicaid Unwinding ends on April 1. Many people were disenrolled from state Medicaid plans in September 2023, and some could […]

    Maximizing Q1 2024: Productivity Hacks for Health Insurance Brokers

    You understand the importance of being at the top of your game and providing your clients with the best service possible as a health insurance broker. The global health insurance sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.8% in the period 2023-2030, and you need to be part of that growth. However, it […]

    Navigating the New Year: Strategies for Growing Your Book of Business in 2024 

    With the new year just now starting to get going, you may be wondering about new year business planning, especially if you’re looking at how to grow your insurance book of business. The new year is a wonderful time to reset, take a long, serious look at your business practices, and make changes or updates […]

    A Broker’s Guide to Translating Insurance Contracts

    As a broker or third-party administrator (TPA), you are responsible for selling clients the most tailored insurance plans on the market and interpreting and making these complex contracts more legible to those without industry knowledge. A clear and effective client communication strategy will allow brokers and their clients to navigate contract intricacies and empower informed […]

    Revolutionizing Underwriting: Cutting-edge Tools Enhance Risk Analysis and Pricing Strategies

    Today’s healthcare landscape is defined by technological innovations that teach individuals working within the healthcare sector how to improve underwriting performance by using new tools to further the optimization of pricing strategies and improve risk analysis end-to-end.  Recent trends, such as the emergence of AI in health insurance modeling and the growing popularity of new […]

    How to Articulate Plan Advantages to Clients

    Finding the right health insurance plans for your clients is crucial in ensuring that hardworking individuals, families, and businesses can access quality healthcare without incurring exorbitant or unexpected out-of-pocket costs. As a broker or third-party administrator (TPA), it’s your responsibility to effectively articulate and distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of various health insurance plans that […]

    Guide to Open Enrollment

    Every year, open enrollment for small businesses offers employees and employers the chance to review, update, or change their health insurance coverage. At first, navigating this essential process can prove rather complex for small businesses, but with the right strategies, tools, and proactive groundwork, it can be a seamless and mutually beneficial experience for all […]

    AI and Self-Funded Healthcare

    With the evolution of today’s expansive technological landscape coupled alongside the healthcare industry’s ever-evolving potential, the role played by AI in healthcare trends today is nothing short of monumental. The nascent fusion of AI (artificial intelligence) and popular insurance models—such as self-funded healthcare plans—has the potential to revolutionize how we approach personal wellness for current […]

    Matching Health Insurance Plans to Unique Needs

    For many businesses and employers, navigating the labyrinth of available health insurance options can siphon valuable time and money away from company resources. On top of other urgent deadlines and responsibilities, these professionals are left adrift in a sea of offerings, wondering, “Exactly how to find the best health insurance plans for my clients?”  Thankfully, […]

    Health In Tech Introduces New Ancillary Products

    Health In Tech is excited to introduce new ancillary products to help holistically address customers’ needs. Our new ancillary products include Critical Illness, Accident, Dental, Vision, Term Life, and Gap coverage, aiming to provide comprehensive options to brokers and small business customers.  Keep reading to learn more about our new ancillary products!  Critical Illness and […]

    Self-Funded Healthcare Mistakes to Avoid

    A growing number of businesses are turning toward self-funded healthcare plans due to the increased flexibility compared to other insurance types. While most self-funded healthcare plans require over 100 employees, at Health In Tech, we only require five, increasing employers’ flexibility when selecting their insurance plans. While enrolling in self-funded healthcare isn’t always seamless, it […]

    How Do Self-Funded Health Plans Work

    We all know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to making healthcare faster, cheaper, and more accessible. However, there is a lot to learn about how to streamline self-funded health insurance plans to have a better fit for more individuals.  But how do self-funded plans actually work, and how can individuals know if that is the […]

    The Benefits of Bundled Healthcare Solutions

    The wide adoption of healthcare bundles is rapidly transforming the modern medical landscape end-to-end; patients, providers, and healthcare systems are moving towards these comprehensive solutions that consolidate disparate areas of care, making treatment plans more predictable, reliable, and easier to navigate. When it comes time to consider whether bundled healthcare solutions are right for you […]

    Why Healthcare Transparency is Essential

    The medical sector as it stands today suffers from its own chronic ailment: a profound lack of transparency in healthcare between patients, providers, and the institutions they engage with, regarding matters such as costs and billing, information sharing, patient outcomes, and treatment plans. For years, this fundamental difficulty and disorientation have ironically hindered the same […]

    What is Health In Tech’s HI Performance Network

    When looking at healthcare networks, various medical jargon and words get thrown around, and the phrase “HI Performance Network” might be one you have not seen much of before. Deviating away from traditional preferred provider organizations can feel like a big step into the unknown, so it is important to have your facts straight before […]

    Best Health Insurance Programs for Startups & Small Businesses

    Have you wondered about the best health insurance programs for startups and small businesses? You likely have many questions if you have been considering adding a health insurance plan to your startup or small business. That is why we are breaking down exactly how small businesses can benefit from health insurance and how to choose […]

    How to Partner with Health Insurance Companies

    If you are wondering how to partner with health insurance companies, you may have many other questions. Choosing the right company to work with can take several steps, and selecting a company that works for you when making that final decision is essential. Aligning Values When you are considering how to partner with health insurance […]

    Stone Mountain Risk Group Underwriting with eDIYBS

    In an exciting new change, Stone Mountain Risk is now Health In Tech! However, we are still working to provide the creative risk-mitigating stop-loss solutions you know and trust through Stone Mountain Risk Group underwriting.  This updated system includes eDIYBS, an exciting underwriting platform that can save time and money for all types of businesses. […]

    Benefits of Self-Funding Healthcare: How Health In Tech Has Reimagined and Simplified the Process

    Self-funded healthcare plans incorporate several potential advantages for employers. As employer healthcare spending continues to rise, self-funded health plans remain popular. The benefits of self-funding healthcare plans are that rather than paying a predetermined amount, claims are paid as they occur, meaning there are fewer fixed costs that the employer can’t control, and there is […]

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