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How to Partner with Health Insurance Companies

If you are wondering how to partner with health insurance companies, you may have many other questions. Choosing the right company to work with can take several steps, and selecting a company that works for you when making that final decision is essential.

Aligning Values

When you are considering how to partner with health insurance companies, you should make sure that there is some kind of shared values that can help you know how your companies will work together. Shared values imply a common attitude and set of guiding principles, which can help build a feeling of camaraderie across the partnership.

Having Technology that Works for You

Another part of deciding how to partner with a health insurance company is knowing what technology you need. You can align perfectly on many other things, but it is necessary that the technology offered works for your needs.

For example, if you need fast underwriting, you want to avoid a company that takes an average of two weeks to get back to you. With our Do It Yourself Benefit System (eDIYBS), you can underwrite hundreds of groups daily. This is why we partner with companies that need and value speed.


You want a trustworthy partner, especially when working with health insurance companies. At Health In Tech, we have more than 30 years of industry experience. This allows us to understand all the various complicated aspects of healthcare.

Why Partner with Health In Tech

There are many reasons to partner with Health In Tech for your needs. One reason is our popular eDIYBS system, an underwriting platform that can save our partners weeks of waiting. This system is not just fast, though; it is also easy to use and convenient for all parties involved.

Easy to Create Quotes

The eDIYBS system can create a proposal with 12 different plans and four-tier rates in just minutes using a state-of-the-art proprietary underwriting model. You can quote, bind, and enroll groups in the same amount of time it takes to go out to lunch. 

Instead of giving several contingent quotes using a web-based portal, eDIYBS makes things simple. With Health In Tech, you can offer bindable quotes utilizing a user-friendly platform that takes less than 30 minutes of training. 

Streamlined Process

Your time is precious, and you do not need to spend it wondering when companies will get your quotes back. Market expectations can cause brokers to wait days or weeks to hear about quotes and proposals. 

With eDIYBS, you can reduce sale time by nearly 90%, allowing you to underwrite hundreds of groups daily, meaning you can do thousands weekly. 

In the spirit of keeping everything streamlined, the eDIYBS system can automatically send all required documents to the necessary parties immediately when the broker switches to “buy now” status. This can save up to six weeks from the normal process.

Secure, Real-Time Access

With so many plans, services, and third parties, paying for health care can be confusing and costly to those not intimate with the healthcare landscape today. HI Card provides 24/7 transparency, pre-certification consistency, reference-based pricing, and unlimited access to necessary data, creating a collaborative setting where everyone wins.

What Health In Tech Values 

One way to know how to partner with health insurance companies is to understand the shared values between the partners. Health In Tech has several values that are important to us and affect how we approach healthcare and all our shared partnerships with clients and users.


One of Health In Tech’s core beliefs is 100% transparency. It has been shown that individuals trust clinicians more than the healthcare system as a whole. With complete transparency, everyone can make more complete decisions about their healthcare and feel confident in the Health In Tech system. 

We believe that what you see should be what you get, which is why our technology solutions have made critical data accessible. This includes no hidden fees with any final rates and being upfront about every step of the process.


Another value is empowerment, which comes down to having the autonomy to make decisions and feel confident. We want our partners to feel like they have our support if they need it, but ideally, our solutions are so user friends that they will not need help creating and sharing quotes.

All our plans are completely customizable, with flexibility that empowers clients and users to make their own decisions about their healthcare.


We know that the healthcare system is flawed. That is why we want to be part of the solution. Health In Tech disrupts the typical norms of waiting for weeks and complicated, difficult-to-navigate systems by offering efficiency and honesty through every step of every solution.

How to Partner with Health Insurance Companies: Learn More with Health In Tech

Are you still wondering just how to partner with health companies? The first step is to reach out to learn more about the company.

Learn more about everything Health In Tech can do for you, whether you are an insurer, third-party administrator, employer, broker, or member, any time by sending us an email or calling. Reach out today to learn more about Health In Tech

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