Stone Mountain Risk Group Underwriting with eDIYBS

In an exciting new change, Stone Mountain Risk is now Health In Tech! However, we are still working to provide the creative risk-mitigating stop-loss solutions you know and trust through Stone Mountain Risk Group underwriting. 

This updated system includes eDIYBS, an exciting underwriting platform that can save time and money for all types of businesses. With healthcare costs consistently rising, this is an exciting way to give more savings, choice, and transparency.

Stone Mountain Risk Group Underwriting with eDIYBS FAQ

Before you commit to an underwriting process, you must understand what Stone Mountain Risk Group Underwriting with eDIYBS is – and how it can benefit your company. That’s why we are answering many of your frequently asked questions about exactly how the eDIYBS system works.

How Can Stone Mountain Risk Group Underwriting with eDIYBS Benefit Your Company?

There are many ways that using Stone Mountain Risk Group Underwriting with eDIYBS can benefit many company types. However, the most important benefits are the time it saves and the flexibility offered.

Save Precious Time

At the end of the day, the adage is true – time is money. Despite the market expectations, you no longer need to wait days or even weeks for proposals and quotes. This waiting around can cause a lack of growth and hurt your profits.  That is where eDIYBS can help. The eDIYBS system can create a proposal with 12 different plans and four-tier rates using state-of-the-art technology integrated with a proprietary underwriting model.

While most underwriting of this kind takes two weeks, ours is just two minutes. This allows you to quote, bind, and enroll your groups without getting up from your computer. In total, the eDIYBS can reduce sales time by nearly 90% and allow you to underwrite hundreds of groups each day.

eDIYBS also automatically sends any required documents to parties when the broker switches to “buy now” status. In comparison, most places take two to four weeks to complete the installation, and some will take as long as six weeks to send the necessary paperwork.

Take Back Control

Because the eDIYBS creates self-funded plans especially accessible for smaller groups, you will have significantly more autonomy to quote and personalize proposals. 

Health In Tech believes in empowering clients to control their plans, which is on full display with eDIYBS. 

Stone Mountain Risk group underwriting is fully customizable, offering plans with associations, community / provider-based, direct primary care, and much more. But with that flexibility, you don’t need to sacrifice. SMR also has access to 50 national PPOs, can direct contracts, and can write in 47 states.

Are there Application Requirements?

While most companies require all members to complete IHQs, eDIYBS asks that less than 9% of high-risk members complete an IHQ. 

There are also no participation requirements – only five eligible employees are needed to enroll. In comparison, most other companies require between 50% and 75% of eligible employees to participate to prevent what some call adverse selection. However, these requirements can mean smaller employers are limited in their options. Having such a low requirement number helps those who do use eDIYBS gain significantly more autonomy over their plans.

Does Stone Mountain Risk Group Underwriting with eDIYBS offer a concierge service?

Concierge is a special type of care that can include 24/7 physician access, same-day appointments, and other super personalized care for individuals. 

The model first became popular in the mid-1990s and has since continued to grow as more 

patients embraced value-based care and the ability to have a more one-on-one healthcare plan. Concierge plans also give the space for physicians to provide more time and energy to each patient, making it popular for almost all involved.

Unlike many other plan creators, Stone Mountain Risk Group Underwriting with eDIYBS offers full concierge on any plan offered.

Is eDIYBS cost-effective?

Stone Mountain Risk Group Underwriting uses a reference-based pricing model. This cost-containment model pays out on claims using set-based prices rather than based on prices decided between a provider and payer. This more closely aligns our plans with the Medicare inflation of 1.4%, and our reimbursements are lower than the average.

What is the SAAS model?

eDIYBS uses a SAAS, or Software As A Service tech model. Gmail, Slack, and Microsoft Office are common SaaS products. Using a SAAS model makes it easy for brokers interested in joining the healthcare industry.

Is There Broker Compensation with eDIYBS?

Many companies have no built-in functionality to offer broker compensation, which must be done on a case-by-case basis, and created manually. This can take up even more time, creating long-term losses. eDIYBS’s platform allows brokers to make their compensation within the system, ranging from $0 to $100 per quote. 

Is eDIYBS easy to use?

In such a constantly moving industry, things are becoming harder to use, not easier. 

That is not the case with eDIYBS, which uses a unique direct-to-client platform. Instead of giving several contingent quotes with a web-based portal, eDIYBS can offer bindable quotes utilizing a platform that takes less than 30 minutes of training. 

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Health In Tech believes that self-funded benefits should be simple and easy, with 100% transparency, 100% of the time. We work with brokers, TPAs, employers, insurers, and members, to give them cradle-to-grave healthcare solutions. With 30 years of experience and based on values like innovation and empowerment, we want our clients to feel they can do anything they want with their healthcare. 

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