80% of employees said they would like customized benefits that were tailored to their age and individual needs.*

Provide your clients with a more holistic approach to healthcare with ancillary products.

Each group is unique. Their benefit offerings should be too. With Critical Illness, Accident, Dental, Vision, Term Life, and GAP coverage in Health In Tech’s eDIBYS platform, your clients get the flexible and personalized protection they need without the hassle of traditional products.


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Critical Illness and Cancer Voluntary Coverage

Ensure your clients receive benefits after being diagnosed with a serious illness like a heart attack, stroke, or cancer. Our Critical Illness Health Coverage is specifically tailored to provide the necessary financial assistance to absorb the costs of medications and other associated expenses related to severe illnesses.

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Accident Indemnity Plus Coverage

Provide your clients with additional financial assistance to offset unexpected medical costs not included in their primary medical insurance. Our Accident Coverage provides an extra layer of financial protection against the costs of accidents and injuries so your clients can focus on getting back on their feet.


Dental Coverage

Remove unnecessary restrictions so your clients can easily receive the dental care they need. Our Dental Coverage allows employers to discover options that align with their needs and budget instead of traditional dental plans that are full of complex lists of covered and non-covered services.


Vision Coverage

Say goodbye to limited options and discover the freedom and flexibility of choosing a comprehensive vision plan that suits your client’s needs. Our Vision Coverage allows your clients to prioritize their eye care that goes beyond regular checkups.

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Term Life Coverage

Term Life Coverage offers several benefits: affordability, flexibility, and simplicity. This option is ideal for those seeking coverage during specific life stages, like raising children or paying off a mortgage.

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GAP Coverage

Seamlessly integrate additional coverage into your client’s existing medical plans so they can get the protection they need. Our GAP Coverage provides comprehensive and custom coverage that complements their current plan and fills any holes left behind.

Creating a Robust Plan Just Got Easier

Quickly Add Ancillary Products with One Extra Step in eDIBYS


1. Add Information to eDIYBS

Once you have added the census data and completed applicable health applications, you can add ancillary products to your client’s quotes.


2. Select Products

Select which ancillary products you would like to add to your proposal with a click of
your mouse.

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3. Share Your Proposal

Personalize your proposal with your contact information and send it to your clients.

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4. Select the Best Plan

To create the best plan for their employees, your client will choose any 2 plan options and applicable ancillary products based on your proposal.

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5. Implement Chosen Plans

After you’ve confirmed your client’s selections on eDIYBS, you can easily send the information directly for implementation.

Provide Your Clients with Extensive Coverage Options with Our Ancillary Products

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