Combat the Rising Costs of Health Plans

Average Costs for U.S. Employers That Pay for Their Employees’ Healthcare Will Increase 6.5 Percent in 2023.

To combat the rising costs and enhance their plan options, more and more employers are transitioning to self-funded health plans for greater savings, choice, and transparency. As the trend toward self-funding continues, there are still many self-funding misconceptions that may cause employers to misunderstand their options.


Common Self-Funding Misconceptions

Self-Funded Plans Are Too Risky

Many employers and benefits consultants think there is too much risk with self-funding.

Self-Funded Plans Are Only Available for Large Employers

Many employers and benefits consultants think that self-funding is only an affordable option for larger employers and that only they can experience significant savings and better benefits due to their group size.

Self-Funded Plans Don’t Provide the Best Coverage

Many employers and benefits consultants think the benefits and accessibility that self-funded plans provide are not as great as the coverage provided by fully-insured plans.

The Health In Tech Truth About Self-Funding

It’s not OUR health plan; it’s YOUR health plan. Our solutions are designed to give you full autonomy so you can Power On Your Health Plan.

With Health In Tech, you have the power to create whatever you want. We help build your system, designed specifically for your needs and your market, so you can run with it.

Power On Certainty

Health In Tech’s solutions provide creative, risk-mitigating stop-loss solutions.

Group 191

Reference-Based Pricing

Group 194

Group Stop-Loss Captives

Group 197

Community Health Plans


HI Performance Networks

Power On Accessibility

Health In Tech’s self-funded solutions are uniquely available for underserved small employer groups, providing the only marketplace where small and medium-sized employers can obtain a bindable quote within minutes.

Power on Member Benefits

Health In Tech’s solutions grant members with access to low-cost providers with a simple copay with HI Card. Some providers even waive the deductible for members, so there are no more unmanageable out-of-pocket bills.

Quote Your Group in as Few as Two Minutes!

Why Self-Fund with Health In Tech


Access reporting and full visibility of plan performance to see how to best modify your plan to control costs and meet member needs.


Only pay for what is used in your self-funded plan — with no monthly premiums, you get to keep the health plan funds that you don’t spend.

Total Control

Health In Tech gives you total control from quoting to implementation with easy and efficient administration.


Each employer group has unique needs, and with Health In Tech, you can create your own plan that best fits your needs.


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