The Healthcare Landscape of Today

With so many competing services, plans, and third parties, the process of paying for care has become slow, confusing, and costly.


Patients struggle to afford services and understand their coverage.


Providers wait weeks or months for payment.


Payers must sift through claims filled with inaccuracies, overcharges, and even fraud.

Today, there is a great deal of dysfunction and bias among primary parties that make up healthcare and its costs. The result of this dysfunction is an environment that lacks trust. Put trust back into the healthcare process with HI Card by Health In Tech.


Put Health Intelligence at
Your Fingertips with HI Card

HI Card’s secure, proprietary technology leverages existing systems to create a single standardized transaction platform for providers, payers, and patients alike.

With HI Card, every party in the healthcare transaction has secure, real-time access to the same vital patient information – from medical and drug histories to coverage eligibility and more.


Lower Costs
for Patients.


Streamlined Claims Processing for Payers.


Faster Payment Turnaround for Providers.

Security. Efficiency. Interoperability.

HI Card provides a highly efficient and collaborative setting for all participants to achieve cost savings and improve operational effectiveness.

24/7 Transparency




Medical Management


Stop-Loss Carriers

Group 246

Unlimited Access to Data

Medical Records (Current and Historical)

Prescription Drug Records (Current and Historical)

Case Management Records

Plan Benefit Details

Deductible And Out-of-Pocket Accumulators

How To Find An In-Network Provider

Group Loss Run Reports

Group 256
Group 255

Pre-Certification Consistency

24/7 Access To Status And Records

Providers And TPAs Use The Same System

Group 257

Reference-Based Pricing (RBP)

Negotiation Of Services At The Same Time Of Pre-Certification Vs. After The Claim Is Received

Eliminate Balance Bill Issues

Patient Communication Throughout The Whole Process

Often Patient Financial Responsibilities Are Waived

Assumed Fiduciary Responsibility By HI Card

Direct Contracting Models

How It Works


Patient seeks care.


Patient logs onto their HI Card Portal to see what their Plan Design and Deductible Accumulators are prior to their doctor visit. They can even find a provider through the portal for their health needs.


Patient presents their HI Card at check-in. Instantly, the hospital administrator sees the patient’s plan and eligibility information. The patient can even give providers access to see their historical, medical, and prescription information.


After the visit, the provider updates their records and billing systems and shares all data with the patient’s insurance carrier or payer. They then update the patient’s portal with any new information within 24 hours, so the patient can see everything with 100% transparency.


The patient simply pays a co-pay and receives care. The provider then submits a standard CMS1500 Form to the payer.

Group 263

The payer processes the claim and submits a copy to HI Card.

The HI Card Revolution in Healthcare

As the pace of technology accelerates and the demands on healthcare systems grow, there's an undeniable need for solutions that address the complexities of the industry. The introduction of HI Card by Health In Tech is a game-changing platform, tailored to bridge the prevalent gaps and streamline all processes. This isn't just a new card; it's a profound transformation in how patients, providers, and payers interact, transact, and trust each other.

Understanding the
Significance of the HI Card

The term "HI Card" stands for Health Intelligence Card. But what does it mean to have health intelligence at your fingertips? In a system overwhelmed with disjointed information, HI Card acts as a unifier, bringing clarity, efficiency, and security.
For the end-users, which includes patients and healthcare professionals alike, the "HI Card" becomes synonymous with:



No more back-and-forths to understand coverage or fetch medical histories. The card carries it all.



With 24/7 access to data, there's an empowerment of all parties involved. With HI Card, knowledge is power.



The underlying promise of HI Card is the removal of inaccuracies and overcharges. When every transaction is laid bare, trust is naturally fostered.

Why the HI Card is a Paradigm Shift

HI Card is not just another piece of technology; it's a solution carefully crafted to rectify the very pain points plaguing the healthcare industry.

Unified Platform: While traditionally, patients, providers, and payers operated on distinct platforms with individualized data, HI Card offers a unified platform. This means reduced redundancy, quicker access, and a seamless flow of vital information.

Empowered Patients: HI Card Portal isn't just a portal. It's the patient's personal assistant, guiding them from understanding their plan design and deductible accumulators, to locating an in-network provider. With such a tool, patients are no longer in the dark but in control of their healthcare journey.

Optimized Process for Providers: The age-old concern of delayed payments is addressed head-on. With streamlined processes, providers can expect not just quicker turnaround times but also the assurance that their services are accurately represented and reimbursed.

Say Hello to HI Card

For businesses, integrating HI Card means embracing a culture of innovation and customer-centricity. The benefits are manifold, from quick health applications processed within just 24 hours to disruptive, honest pricing with absolute rate and data transparency.

Health In Tech's mission is clear: to challenge the self-funding status quo. The HI Card is not just a step but a leap in that direction. It showcases a vision of a healthcare system where the patient is informed, the provider is empowered, and the payer is efficient.

To sum it up, HI Card isn't just a card – it's a commitment to a better healthcare experience. It's a pledge to put the patient first, always. And as Health In Tech pioneers this new era, the invitation is open for all to join this revolutionary journey.

For those seeking to optimize their operations, reduce risks, and embrace a future-ready solution, the time is now. Dive into the world of HI Card and witness firsthand the future of healthcare.


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