Health In Tech Introduces New Ancillary Products

Health In Tech is excited to introduce new ancillary products to help holistically address customers’ needs. Our new ancillary products include Critical Illness, Accident, Dental, Vision, Term Life, and Gap coverage, aiming to provide comprehensive options to brokers and small business customers. 

Keep reading to learn more about our new ancillary products! 

Critical Illness and Cancer Voluntary Coverage

This ancillary product ensures that policyholders receive benefits after being diagnosed with severe illnesses, including heart attacks, strokes, coronary artery diseases, and cancer. The plans aim to provide peace of mind and a safety net by easing the financial burdens of medical and daily living costs.

Why You Need Critical Illness and Cancer Coverage

Our coverage allows you to utilize the benefits that best suit your needs. Policyholders can use the benefit payments for various needs, including mortgages, hiring caregivers, medical bills, financing travel to treatment facilities, and any other area that will help alleviate the financial strain of medical expenses. Our coverage is tailored to ease the burden, and we are here to provide you with the necessary assistance to absorb the costs of medical expenses and focus on your recovery. 

How it Works 

Benefit payments are made directly to you, giving you the freedom and flexibility to allocate funds where needed most. Additionally, some or all of the benefits are available right after your initial diagnosis. 

You can pay premiums through automatic payroll deduction and maintain coverage if you change employers. 

Accident Indemnity Plus Coverage

Accidents can happen when and where you least expect them, but our new coverage adds an extra layer of protection. The Accident Indemnity Plus coverage covers accidents, injuries, ambulance services, and accidental death. The range can also cover the policyholder’s spouse and children. This policy will directly benefit policyholders and help offset deductibles and provider bills. 

Why You Need Accident Coverage

Even basic tasks can cause accidents, and no one wants to be without coverage. For example, did you know that nearly 40% of self-reported injury episodes leading to hospitalization occur during sports or leisure activities or that 44% occur in or around the home? While falls and motor vehicle accidents are some of the more known causes, accidents are everywhere. Whether it’s a slip, a trip, or an unforeseen event, our accident coverage is here for you. 

How it Works

Whether you visit a physician, urgent care center, or hospital, our coverage is there. Depending on your chosen care level, you will receive a direct benefit payment to assist with deductibles and bills. 

Dental Coverage

Our new dental coverage will allow policyholders to visit any dentist and receive unrestricted care. The plan covers all procedures at the same percentage, eliminating the need to navigate complex lists of covered and non-covered services. There are also no limits on the frequency of care under this plan. 

Why You Need Dental Coverage

Self-funded dental plans are the most effective way to ensure dental coverage. Traditional dental plans are non-catastrophic and predictable, which teeth often aren’t. Using a self-funded dental plan allows control over oral health without unnecessary complexities. 

Benefits of Self-Funded Dental Care

Some of the top benefits of self-funded dental care include the following: 

  • Exempt from state insurance mandates on what is covered and the amounts paid. 
  • Not subject to ACA and state premium taxes, which total 5% of the premium. 
  • Administrative overhead averages 6% in self-funded versus 15% to 22% on insured plans. 
  • And more. 

How it Works

Health In Tech’s plan allows you to use any dentist and for the dentist to determine the best care for you and your dependents. The are no limits to the frequency of care, and all procedures are covered with the same percentage. 

Vision Coverage

You shouldn’t have to compromise your vision or its care. The vision coverage is similar to dental in that policyholders can visit any provider and does not limit the frequency of care. Coverage includes exams, refraction, frames, lenses, and contact.

Why You Need Vision Coverage

Our coverage goes beyond the basics, so whether you require regular check-ups or need more specialized treatment, our plan is there to help. It’s time to say goodbye to limited networks and hello to the freedom to choose a vision provider that resonates with you! 

How it Works

By enrolling in our vision coverage, you can visit any provider you trust and receive the care you deserve. You will no longer be narrowed to networks or limited coverage. 

Term Life

Our term life coverage offers several benefits, including affordability, flexibility, and simplicity. This option is ideal for those seeking coverage during specific life stages, like raising children or paying off a mortgage. Our term life policies are straightforward, easy to understand, and can be tailored to fit changing financial needs.

Why You Need Term Life Coverage

Our coverage allows you to select a term life policy that can last a specific number of years based on your needs, including 10, 15, 20, or more plus options to renew for an additional term. With Health In Tech’s Term Life coverage, your health or the health of your loved ones will not have to be compromised by financial worries.

How it Works

By enrolling in our term life coverage, you can visit any provider you trust and receive the care you deserve when you need it.

GAP Coverage

Our gap coverage fills the gaps in coverage to create a safety net for policyholders who have our Silver 302 or Bronze 403 plan options. This coverage caters to the employees’ unique needs and seamlessly integrates with their current medical benefits. The program provides a valuable cash benefit that assists with expenses not covered by primary medical plans to allow employees to prioritize their well-being without the stress of financial strain. 

Why You Need GAP Coverage

Several benefits come with our GAP coverage, including the following: 

  • Receive a Cash Benefit: This flexible cash benefit empowers employees to address concerns that may not be covered in their traditional medical plan. 
  • No Physical Exam Required: Allows your employees to access benefits without the hassle or stress of a physical exam so they can focus on their health instead of scheduling appointments and filling out paperwork. 
  • Convenient Payroll Deduction: Seamlessly integrate the payroll dedication system with your existing payroll to ensure a smooth and efficient process that saves time and reduces administrative burdens. 

How it Works

Our plan reimburses you a specified amount for covered inpatient and outpatient care. The benefits are paid directly to you, allowing you to use the cash however you see fit. We aim to make the process as simple and approachable as possible so you can focus on your well-being. 

Take Advantage of Health In Tech’s Ancillary Products

If you are interested in offering any of Health In Tech’s new ancillary products, we recommend getting appointed from ManhattanLife, which is accessible through our eDIBYS portal. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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