What is Health In Tech’s HI Performance Network

When looking at healthcare networks, various medical jargon and words get thrown around, and the phrase “HI Performance Network” might be one you have not seen much of before. Deviating away from traditional preferred provider organizations can feel like a big step into the unknown, so it is important to have your facts straight before diving in. 

What is Health In Tech’s HI Performance Network: FAQ

If you are wondering about Health In Tech’s HI Performance Network, you likely have several other questions about what it is and how it compares to other networks. 

We have compiled this FAQ guide to help you understand what a Health In Tech’s HI Performance Network is, how it differs from a preferred provider organization, and how it has grown over the past several years.

What is a HI Performance Network?

A HI Performance Network (sometimes written as a High-Performance Network or HPN) is a curated network of service providers with a proven track record of improving patient health outcomes and practice efficiencies. A HI Performance Network is meant to offer high-quality care at a lower cost. 

A HI Performance Network has been built around incentivizing outcomes rather than output. This network style allows members to strengthen the patient-to-primary care physician relationship. It also makes it easier to treat immediate issues, which enables individuals to avoid costly long-term health problems that can come from avoiding treatment short term.

What is a Preferred Provider Organization?

A preferred provider organization (or PPO) is another type of healthcare network. Providers have agreed to provide care for plan members at certain cost rates and are considered “in-network” providers. While members can see any doctor, specialist, or hospital outside the network, it will likely cost more. Most in-network providers are chosen because of the percentage of savings on charges.

How are HI Performance Networks Different?

Because a HI Performance Network is a curated network of service providers with known experience in improving patient outcomes, HPNs don’t just offer providers that have the lowest cost but instead deliver cost-efficient and high-quality care which is patient-centered. HI Performance Networks often use data-sharing, and the quality for the in-network providers is well-defined and stricter than PPOs often are.

How Have HI Performance Networks Grown?

At this point, just about 16% of larger employers have adopted this kind of network and built it into their health plans for employees. While not all HI Performance Networks are created equal, it seems likely that this number will continue to grow in the next several decades as health care and healthcare plans continue to grow and evolve to fit patients’ changing needs.

What are the Benefits of a HI Performance Network?

One way to look at how a HI Performance Network works is that it is about getting a positive long-term return on your healthcare investment. HI Performance Networks follow evidence-based practices and data to drive performance and improve the overall quality of care. A strong, HI Performance Network will have providers that not only offer higher-quality care but also lower costs.

What is Health In Tech’s HI Performance Network?

Powered by the company’s HI Card, Health In Tech’s network offers a series of hospital facilities and providers that deliver Medicare-based reimbursement pricing. Health In Tech has contacts in all 50 states, including 4,727 hospitals and 1,595,049 provider locations. We are also constantly growing to serve our clients better. Other benefits of our HI Performance Network include the following:

  • Lower out-of-pocket costs for members
  • Less of a medical inflation impact
  • Long-term savings for premiums
  • Lower deductibles – and sometimes, no deductible at all for members.

It is clear that a major reason people love our HI Performance Network is that our clients can avoid massively overpaying for their healthcare expenses. Sometimes, a provider’s services can be billed for up to 900% (yes, that is 900) more than Medicare charges for the same service. To put that into perspective, that can turn a $50 visit into $450 or make a $100 visit suddenly cost $900. 

We believe in transparency through everything we do, which is why our HI Performance Network option with Health In Tech offers more transparency and price consistency for clients than traditional networks. This allows members better predict how to save for their health plan management and save more money overall by effectively budgeting for their needs. With a HI Performance Network, there are no surprise fees or costs.

Why Clients Love Health In Tech’s HI Performance Network

We know the average pay for employee health care will increase by 6.5% in 2023. To combat those constantly rising costs, more individuals are looking for plans with better savings, more choices, and greater transparency.

Every aspect of healthcare must adjust to fit the changing needs of patients, and one way we do that is by putting the power back into our clients’ hands. We know patients sometimes struggle to understand coverage, as the healthcare system is confusing for hundreds of members. At Health In Tech, we are here to help you make the right decisions for your employees and yourself.

With 30 years of experience in the field, Health In Tech is always innovating and working to disrupt the traditional healthcare model by empowering clients. We offer transparency about every step of our processes so clients know what they see is what they get.

What is Health In Tech’s HI Performance Network: Learn More Today

Health In Tech believes in transparency, which is why we are always available to help those interested in learning more about our HI Performance Network. Whether you’re interested in better understanding the benefits of this network or just want to know more about Health In Tech and our services in general, contact us today!

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