Health In Tech Partners with 6 Degree Health and 90 Degree Benefits to Form a New Value-Based, Level-Funded Health Plan

Jan 19, 2023, 08:30 ET

STUART, Fla.Jan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/— Health in Tech (“HIT”, or “the Company”), the industry-leading insurtech company that delivers disruptive innovation that reimagines self-funded health plans, today announced that the Company have partnered with 6 Degree Health and 90 Degree Benefits together to form a new value-based, level-funded health plan, effective in January, 2023.

6 Degree Health focuses on providing cost containment and payment integrity solutions with a high commitment to knowledge, care, and transparency. Its Professional Plus, a Value-Based Payment (VBP) program blended with direct contracts and a physician network, combines the comfort of a physician network with the savings of reference-based pricing.

90 Degree Benefits guides employers the pathways for success by creating and administering self-funded benefit plans that fulfill their specific needs. With 90 Degree Benefits, employers have choices: standard network design, direct facility contracts, concierge medicine, reference-based pricing and more.

“Our partnership is a powerful combination in delivering exciting new and fully integrated programs for the level-funded healthcare market targeting groups ranging from 5-150 lives,” said Tim Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Health In Tech. “Our deep knowledge and expertise in the health care industry, fully incorporated into the fast and precise underwriting and broker-quoting platform, Do It Yourself Benefit System (eDIYBS), will complement our partners with further added capabilities of digital transformation and innovation.”

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Health in Tech is an industry-leading Insurtech company that delivers disruptive innovation and proprietary technology to reimagine risk, underwriting, and self-funding, making processes better, faster, and more efficient for everyone involved. Learn more at https://healthintech.com/.

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