Health In Tech Partners With Tall Tree Administrators to Extend Health Insurance Options for Small Businesses

The Collaboration Provides Self-Funded Clients Access to Tailored Health Plans and Ancillary Products

STUART, Fla.Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Health In Tech, an industry-leading insurtech company that delivers disruptive innovation and re-imagines self-funded health plans, is excited to announce its partnership with Tall Tree Administrators. This collaboration aims to provide self-funded clients access to a suite of specialty health plans tailored to their unique needs, such as an array of recently launched ancillary products available through Health In Tech’s eDIYBS quoting platform, along with tools and resources to manage their client’s employee benefits and effectively control healthcare costs.

Tall Tree Administrators is excited to collaborate with both Health In Tech and 6 Degrees to bring innovative self-funded solutions to smaller group employers nationwide.  Tall Tree is committed to delivering superior administrative and reporting solutions, historically only available to the largest employers, to the small group sector.

Hosted on Health In Tech’s eDIYBS (Enhanced Do It Yourself Benefit Systems) platform, the industry’s most streamlined and fastest underwriting and broker quoting platform, Tall Tree Administrators will provide administrative solutions for a major medical value health plan, backed by 6 Degrees Health, and two minimum essential health plans that may be paired with an industry-leading limited medical voluntary benefit.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  • Streamlined Platform: Tall Tree Administrators will leverage Health In Tech’s eDIYBS (Enhanced Do It Yourself Benefit Systems) platform, known for its speed and efficiency in underwriting and plan quoting.
  • Diverse Health Plans: The partnership will offer a major medical value health plan, backed by 6 Degrees Health, along with two minimum essential health plans that can be paired with a leading limited medical voluntary benefit.
  • Ancillary Products: Self-funded clients will have access to Health In Tech’s ancillary coverage, which includes Critical Illness and Cancer Voluntary Coverage, Accident Indemnity Plus Coverage, Dental, Vision, Term Life, and GAP Coverage. The added range offers comprehensive and diverse options to policyholders.

“Tall Tree Administrators has an excellent track record of administering and seamlessly integrating traditional and non-traditional health plan solutions,” said Tim Johnson, CEO of Health In Tech, “By leveraging Tall Tree’s non-traditional administration expertise, customized reporting capabilities, and integration with the Health In Tech eDIYBS platform, we can provide brokers affiliated with Health In Tech an enhanced ability to fine-tune their product offerings. This ensures competitive benefits at cost-effective rates. Our collaboration to integrate their program designs with the recognized service and savings of 6 Degrees broadens our reach into new markets, further reinforcing our steadfast commitment to offering comprehensive health coverage solutions to our clientele.”

“We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Health In Tech, a true innovator in the insurtech industry. Our collaboration brings cutting-edge health insurance options to small businesses and extends our commitment to delivering top-notch administrative solutions,” said Mark Selman, Principal at Tall Tree Administrators. “Together, we’re empowering brokers and employers alike to navigate the complexities of healthcare while providing comprehensive, customizable coverage solutions.”

About Health In Tech

Health In Tech is an industry-leading Insurtech company that delivers disruptive innovation and proprietary technology to reimagine risk, underwriting, and self-funding, making processes better, faster, and more efficient for everyone involved. Learn more at healthintech.com.

Contact Glenn Hillyer, Chief Growth Officer at ghillyer@healthintech.com.

About Tall Tree Administrators

Tall Tree Administrators is a third-party administrator supported by state-of-the-art, web-based, dynamic technology that provides exceptional plan reporting and management tools capable of supporting any business and simplifying the administration of any medical plan.

Contact Mark Selman, Principal at mselman@talltreehealth.com

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