Maximizing Q1 2024: Productivity Hacks for Health Insurance Brokers

You understand the importance of being at the top of your game and providing your clients with the best service possible as a health insurance broker. The global health insurance […]

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Navigating the New Year: Strategies for Growing Your Book of Business in 2024 

With the new year just now starting to get going, you may be wondering about new year business planning, especially if you’re looking at how to grow your insurance book […]

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A Broker’s Guide to Translating Insurance Contracts

As a broker or third-party administrator (TPA), you are responsible for selling clients the most tailored insurance plans on the market and interpreting and making these complex contracts more legible […]

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Revolutionizing Underwriting: Cutting-edge Tools Enhance Risk Analysis and Pricing Strategies

Today’s healthcare landscape is defined by technological innovations that teach individuals working within the healthcare sector how to improve underwriting performance by using new tools to further the optimization of […]

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How to Articulate Plan Advantages to Clients

Finding the right health insurance plans for your clients is crucial in ensuring that hardworking individuals, families, and businesses can access quality healthcare without incurring exorbitant or unexpected out-of-pocket costs. […]

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Guide to Open Enrollment

Every year, open enrollment for small businesses offers employees and employers the chance to review, update, or change their health insurance coverage. At first, navigating this essential process can prove […]

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Stone Mountain Risk

Power On Your Clients Health Plan

Our Stone Mountain Risk stop-loss solutions provide unique products and creative risk modeling to solve your clients’ problems with the best technology and tools available in the industry.

Reference-Based Pricing
Group Stop-Loss Captives
Community Health Plans
Association Health Programs

Power On Efficiency

We get it—time is money. The industry norm of waiting days or weeks for proposals and quotes has become the accepted standard. The opportunity cost of this waiting game leaves hinders growth. Not anymore. Get your time back with Do It Yourself Benefit Systems (eDIYBS) by Health in Tech.

eDIYBS empowers brokers with tools and technology to produce competitive proposals in only 2 minutes and process necessary health applications for final rates in 24 hours.

Power On Efficiency

With so many competing services, plans, and third parties, the process of paying for care has become slow, confusing, and costly.


Patients struggle to afford services understand their coverage.


Providers wait weeks or months for payment.


Payers must sift through claims filled with inaccuracies, overcharges, and even fraud.

Put trust back into the healthcare process with HI Card by Health in Tech. HI Card transforms the healthcare landscape by providing a single, standardized transaction platform for providers, payers, and patients alike.


Power On Savings

Health in Tech’s HI-Performance Network (HPN) powered by HI Card, is a series of hospital facilities and providers that delivers Medicare-based reimbursement pricing.

Greater predictability for health plan management

Greater savings

Lower deductibles and in some cases no deductible for members

Reduced medical inflation impact

Lower out-of-pocket costs for members

Long-term savings on premiums


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